Fridays Nails

Depending on how much time I have, or how often I cannot sleep – I may give myself a new manicure 1 or 2 times a day.

My clean up was not the best, and my cuticles could use a lot of work, but here we go none the less 🙂
Here is the one I have given myself, this morning at 2:35 am:



And here are the products I used:



So, that is it for my very first nail polish post!

My plans for the future of this blog, is reviewing some of the polishes, nail art and nail art supplies that I currently own, and whatever ends up on my credit card in the future 🙂
I will upload images of my manicures, and comment on how I did it, or what the products were like.  We’ll see what works best!


Already noted in my head: photos need to be more consistent in size, lighting and background.  I promise to work on that 🙂


Looking forward to this new adventure into the blogging world!



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