Frog Nail Art (sorta looks like Kerropi)

I have this fabulous new nail colour from Misa (Let”s go Green 182).  And I thought it would look just adorable within a frog style of nail art.  So, this is what happened along the way….

(hey, for better or worse – it’s all gonna get posted!  Let’s just hope I get much better if I want to start my business!)


Step 1 Base Coat Revlon “Runway Pearl”



Step 2 paint half circle (half oval) of the green polish:


Step 3 use large dotting tool for white of eyes, and smaller dotter for the black.


Step 4 using black nail polish, use small stripping brush to make two lines forming the smile.  Use the large dotting tool, dipped in pink polish for the cheeks.


Last step.  Add something interesting to the rest of your fingernails (doesn’t have to be dots) and top everything with a top coat.

Tah dah!







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