Spectra Flair! Yay!

I am super excited about a couple of local ladies starting their own Franken Polish business from TORONTO – and because they are selling Spectra Flair top coat!!  Yay!  It is such a pain to get Spectra ANYTHING in Canada – so this is awesome.

We have chatted a bit, and they are kind enough to create a 15ml version for purchase,  that I am ready to drive over to their place and grab right now!!

But alas, they are waiting for some supplies, and will not have it to sell until next week 😦

Here is the store they sell from:

The Polished Sisters Etsy Store

And here is their blog:  The Polishes Sisters Blog
For those who are not familiar with Franken Polish – here is a great post explaining:

Franken Polish

And an awesome picture of what Spectra Flair can do…


One thought on “Spectra Flair! Yay!

  1. canadalouise says:

    Love spectra flair polishes!

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