Zoya “Daul” Nail Lacquer review

Zoya has some interesting colours.  “Daul” comes from Zoya’s Fall Diva Collection.  As of late, this is one the more unique and appealing colours (to me) that I have seen.    So, I bought it!  🙂  $9 at Trade Secrets.

The colour is a purple with highlights of gold.  Nice under normal lighting – really beautiful in true daytime daylight. I kept looking at my nails while I was driving!  Depending on what angle you are looking, sometimes all you can see is the gold.
The formula was not as thick as I like.  It took 3 coats to get the colour you see in the bottle, and very transparent if you only use one coat.  In fact, it could make a really nice looking top coat for black, I think.  Hmm, I will try that sometime soon 🙂

Not bad at all !  Mind you, not great.  So, I probably won’t be wearing it very often.  C’est la vie!


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