New Sparkle Frankenpolish

My recipe for a home version of a frankenpolish (not suitable for sale).  In fact, this is exactly what I did with this new polish I “created”:

1 small empty cleaned out polish bottle

3 stainless ball bearing balls

1 tiny funnel (you can buy them in some craft stores, or mine was purchased at TKB Trading online )


I then used the funnel to add two sizes of glitter.  Turquoise, pink and purple holo glitter dust – and purple and turquoise small hex glitter.

One and half scoops of each, using this cuticle pusher/cleaner tool.


Last I added an inexpensive glitter polish – (that only had a light whiteish pearl glitter )  -so it would be the right consistency to hold the glitter I added.


Shake and voila!  My franken polish!

And here it is over Finger Paints “Tiffany Imposter”

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