Konad Nail Stamping

For those not familiar with Konad –  – it is a brand name (the best available in my opinion) of a nail art technique called nail stamping.

First – put nail polish on an image that has been engraved on special plate.

Second – quickly scrape pff nail polish, and what is left behind is only in the grooves.

Third –  Take the special rubber stamper and roll the rubber side (pressing gently) onto the image to pick up nail polish – therefore picking up image.

Fourth – Roll rubber stamp with image, onto fingernail,  Image will be left behind.

Oh la la – super cool !
That is what I have been working on for the past day and a half, whenever I get a minute or two to myself – I do a nail.  So, those photos will be posted tonight.

In the meantime – here is an image of the tools used to do nail stamping:

$27 from nailpolishcanada.com

2 thoughts on “Konad Nail Stamping

  1. Cool! I have to wait until the kids (that includes hubby lol) are aslseep, and I will upload some of the stamping I have done on my nails.

  2. Candice says:

    Hi!! I work with your hubby.. This is awesome.. I’m going to try the nail stamping. If you have a droid/iPhone you should get instagram and post pics! 🙂

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