Nfu Oh Jelly Series 09 review / swatches

This is my first official “Jelly” polish I have purchased.  I have inadvertently purchased glitter polishes that had a jelly base (ie Revlon 761 Scandalous )

What I was hoping for, when I chose this colour was basically a nice thick shiny top coat with a hint of peach.  I know it wasn’t made to be a top coat, but I was hoping it would be transparent enough, that I could use it to make a nice juicy topping to a manicure.

On to the review 🙂

The colour is a light peachy shade in the bottle.

The application was nice and smooth.  Not as thick as I expected.  And I was not expecting it to be opaque, but it is.

So, if we’re going with the opaque thing ….. after 3 thick coats, I was still seeing a few stripes where the natural nail can be seen.

I’m so confused by this polish!!!

Here are some photos of the Nfu Oh Jelly Series 09 – 3 coats without a top coat.

Here are a few images with CND “Super Shiney” top coat



Not much of a difference.


My thoughts on Nfu Oh Jelly Series 09  – it’s not much of anything. The colour is not very interesting, it isn’t super shiny like I was hoping, and it wouldn’t work as a top coat.  Maybe it could work as a plain base colour for some flashy nail art?

Unfortunately, it might be one of my most boring nail polishes in my collection 😦


THIS is all just my opinion though – on how it worked on my nails.  Maybe you had or will have better luck !



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