Terry Fox – Canadian Cancer Society


I was going to paint this logo onto my nails today, in support of the local Terry Fox School Run, that my son was involved in.

Then I decided it was just tacky.  So I didn’t.


But, it did make me think a little more about those who are suffering/surviving/dying or already passed because of this horrible disease.  This disease made it impossible for my Mom to ever meet her grandson and granddaughter – and for them to ever meet their Nana.  For my husband to never meet his mother in law.  My Mother wasn’t able to be at my wedding.

I can’t imagine how many, many other families and individuals have had to live life without a loved one because of this disease.

The strong individuals who have been diagnosed, and fought the battle, and conquered.

Those still fighting. Surviving.

This needs to be over.  No more cancer.  I don’t want to have to answer anymore questions about what cancer is, to my children – I just don’t want them to have to worry about it.


Anyways – that’s all.  My thoughts are with anyone who’s lives have been touched by cancer.


If you want to make a donation towards cancer research – here’s a link: Canadian Cancer Society


(my apologizes, if I typed like I was babbling.  I was 🙂 )

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