My Nail Stamping Machine experience

This is for sale on ebay…..everywhere.  Every “store” that sold nail art or nail products, sold a version of this nail stamping machine.

I waited, and wondered, and pondered, and researched.  Which led me to this video Nail Stamping Machine.

Looks pretty cool, right?

So, with my mind made up, and many many choices of where to buy from, I went on a mission to find a deal.

With the prices ranging (for the exact same product) from….. $5.70 (+ 10 shipping) or $15.70 with free shipping (LOL what a deal – same store offering the two options) or $5.95 (+$25 shipping!), and what I finally decided on was $9.70 with free shipping.

7 weeks I waited, and nothing.  When I contacted the “store” – they said, as it was shipping from China – it was probably being held up at customs, and could I please wait one more week.

2 more weeks later, and nothing.  So, I contacted the “store” again , and they said they would re-ship at no extra charge, but if I paid them another $3 they could send it insured with a tracking number.  That’s all it costs to ship it that way?????  Cheez Wiz, I would have paid that from the start, if I had known it would help with the shipping process.  Oh well.

It finally arrive on Monday.  I made the actual purchase in July, and as you can imagine – I was pretty excited to use it!  Here is my story!

So far, so good.

 Everything looks great!  Nice images on the stamping plates.

Rubber stamp and special polish.  Good, good.

Place finger nail here.

Scraper tool and image plate.

Here we go.  Paint polish on image, slide unit that includes scraper tool over image, and….what the?

Push rubber stamp down onto scraped image and pull back until it is over nail.  Stamp down again to transfer image.

I am no stamping expert, but I don’t think this much of the image should be left on the stamp, instead of my nail.

After a few more tries, I got this image onto my nail.

I will admit, it was my first try and I could probably use more practice, but I still don’t have a good feeling about this machine.














I do like a lot of the images on the plates though, so I went the route of “konad style” and got this image on my nails.  It’s cute, I think 🙂

My initial thoughts on this machine is that, either I got a faulty machine (because I have seen it work for other people) – or I suck at it (which entirely possible).  BUT, if nothing else – I got 7 new “special” stamping polishes, and some quality stamping plates with cute images.  So, that’s ok.

I will try it again.  Maybe not for another few weeks, but I will try it again, and let’s just hope it’s my technique…. because I have a feeling I won’t be getting anymore goodwill from the ebay store I purchased it from, unless I am willing to fork out more money…. which I am not.

Has anyone else tried this type of stamping machine?  What was your experience?

Cheers everyone!  Have a great night!

4 thoughts on “My Nail Stamping Machine experience

  1. Jeanna says:

    Do the circle plates fit in this machine?

  2. WOW That machine looks awesome! This is the first time I see such a tool 🙂 Such a disappointment that it didn’t work out as you wish! Think I would put it away for a while and try again later. I really love the colorcombo that you used on the ‘Hello Kitty’ stamp attempt though 😉

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