As promised.. Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Manicure


My original idea for this manicure, was to use the black polish (Nail in my Coffin), and using the red sparkle polish (Once Upon A Time) as blood dripping down from the tips of my nails (Halloween inspired obviously – I am not that morbid normally :-).


Well, the black went on beautiful – two coats and done.  Completely opaque and shiny.   The red sparkle on the other hand, wasn’t what I expected when I started using it.  The base that the sparkles are suspended in, is a clear black, and just didn’t apply as blood red (sparkly as it may have been lol) as I was hoping.  Just like I did a bad job with mt top coat.


So I made Once Upon A Time, a two layer top coat over Nail in my Coffin.  It actually looks pretty awesome.  But I am not looking forward to trying to remove all of these sparkles!  I didn`t bother to put a special base on to help when removing sparkles. (see Base for glitter polish post)  Oh well 🙂





Thanks for looking !  Have great day 🙂


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