Update! My Nail Art Machine


The whole Nail Stamping Machine debacle, has a little twist to it.



Short story…..I ordered one from ebay, and I was waiting and waiting for it to arrive…..they end up sending another.   And, I think this one is defective (see the pics in the post for what I mean). Bummer.  Sad.


Here’s the update part of the story:


So, I had a notice on my door on Friday from the post office that they are holding something for me.


It was my MIA Nail Stamping Machine!


Now I have 2 !


I just hope #2 works better than the first one 😉  Will post pics when I have a moment to try it.







One thought on “Update! My Nail Art Machine

  1. That is so great! Hope that this one works better. Looking forward to the pics 😀

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