Lucky Me! More Nail Stamping Stuff


Hello, Hello!


I am excited to show off a couple of things I have been waiting for (nail related, of course!)



In the above pic is a new stamping plate from Polish Ninja’s “FUN plate #1  by Fab ur Nails” and a new XL nail stamper that came with a couple of really quality plastic scrapers (also purchased a couple of new plates from the same ebay store, hope they work).













This is a close up of the images on the FUN plate #1 FAB UR NAILS by JAKS (ordered from Ninja Polish)





These (above) plates have some images that could work out to be really nice….. -<rant on> I just hope they are engraved deep enough.  I have ordered too many plates from random  stores on ebay, and they end up barely having the images scraped into them, and don’t hold the polish. <rant off 🙂 >

































This is the XL stamper with small detail stamper.  When I heard this stamper existed – I had to have it and found here  from this ebay seller .  And below is why….





























Well, as you can see – the standard size stamper (this one is Konad, and I LOVE everything else Konad, just not the size of their stamper) – the size can be too small for the full nail images quite often.  Wish me luck 🙂


Next post….more Skull Stamping!!  Stay Tuned

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