Holo Holoween Part II

Okdokie, this is the real post.


The reason for the previous “test” post was because I needed to recreate my Facebook Page. (www.facebook.com/MommyLovesNailPolish)  If you had “Liked” that previous page – it will be deleted soon, and this current address will be the permanent one.  I have no idea what I did, but I messed up when I started the first one 🙂


So, onto the manicure part of my nail polish blog!

I have 2 versions of this manicure.  There was just something missing, so when you see the second set of pics – it’s the same manicure, just with a little extra pizazz on each nail.


As much as I would like to say that I am super ambitious, and did 2 full nail art manicures in 1 day…. alas, I am too lazy.


# 1 mani has a base of Nfu Oh Holo # 66 and stripes of orange and black (that’s the Halloween part of the manicure 🙂 )


And the # 2 mani is the same as the above, but I’ve added 2 coats of SpectraFlair top coat, and two big fat orange glitter pieces on each nail.



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