You call that a holo? Review / Swatches Kleancolor 138 Holo Orange


Just a quick post, as I only have a few words for this particular polish.

Well, one word.  Meh.


Ok, here’s a few more words.


Kleancolor Nail Lacquer 138 Holo Orange


The polish went on without any application issues.  2 coats and it was opaque.  The color has a very dull sandy finish when dry, so two or even 3 coats of a thick top coat is needed.  Holo – not really.  Maybe if you look really close and squint you can see a bit of a sparkle / holo 🙂


Here are some images:



You can see the bumpy texture here (above) with one thick layer of Seche Vite topcoat.



Final thoughts… umm … not my favorite, but I still think Kleancolor has some other amazing nail lacquer colors 🙂


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