China Glaze Wicked Collection

Just some photos.  China Glaze needs no review 🙂


The Ghoulish Glow even glows when the lights are low!  It doesn’t have to be really dark!  Awesome!

Roguish Red, Bizarre Blurple (love the name!) with Glitter Goblin stripe down the middle.

Roguish Red

Bizarre Blurple (pardon the weird background)

Great collection!  It was released for Halloween, but these colors are great anytime of the year!  (I need to figure out how to add the Ghoulish Glow into a manicure still…)

Thumbs up 😉

8 thoughts on “China Glaze Wicked Collection

  1. […] which was to stamp on the Ghoulish Glow “glow in the dark” polish that came in the Wicked Collection.  It would have worked, if the polish was able to go on thicker – but the amount that gets […]

  2. Does the glow on sho up whit or transparent on the nail, would be cool if its trasparent and you could try painting a ghost shape or skull shape or bat shape and they show up when it gets dark. I have a cheapy glow polish that I dont think would work with this idea.

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