OPI Liquid Sand Nail Polish

Updating to add more photos:



Looks interesting!

From the OPI Facebook page:

Introducing: Liquid Sand! Our latest innovation in texture, we LOVE that we can get our glitter fix in a new matte finish – come January, that is!! (Liquid Sand launches as part of the Mariah Carey Collection.)



This just popped up on OPI’s Facebook page. Looks interesting!!
Coming in January.

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5 thoughts on “OPI Liquid Sand Nail Polish

  1. Amanda says:

    Looks awesome, I love some texture occasionally! Thanks for the pics! Wonder if I can try it with some actual sand?

    • Probably 🙂 Maybe you’d have to use that super fine sand (the only kind I know of, is sold for reptiles – but it’s really nice smooth fine consistency). Yup, I betcha that would work – you could be on to something!!

  2. It looks really bumpy to me. I’m pretty OCD so I don’t think I could handle it. Very pretty though!

    • Ya, I’m not sure about actually loving the sand polish, as more than a novelty. I would imagine wearing 5 layers of topcoat to smooth it, would defeat the idea of liquid sand 🙂

      • haha, yes! I do a ton of crocheting and I think it would just get caught on the yarn. I did lace on my nails once and I had to put 4 or 5 layers of topcoat on them because the bumpiness was driving me crazy!

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