Too much Facebook …. (video)


Yes, I am a victim too.  I LOL, and WTF all over the place – not good.


The Facebook page I create as a sister to this blog will stay as is,  but I think I am going to go do a massive purge on my 959 (?!?! what) “Friends” on my personal facebook.
What are your thoughts on Facebook?



4 thoughts on “Too much Facebook …. (video)

  1. I think this video is awesome!! And exceptionally on point. I, sadly, don’t even know who is on my friends list. Facebook has cheapened life/friends/conversations… Etc. I think Facebook can be beneficial if you don’t live through it. Too many live their lives through a screen…

    • I check my “feed” every couple of days, and the stuff people write about is just ridiculous! So personal, and I just don’t want to know! I don’t care that someone went to McDonalds for lunch and had a salad, and someone gets upset with me because I forgot to post a Happy Birthday message on their wall.

      The video really made me think – very on point, I agree.

  2. I dont have an account or a desire to have one. I dont tink that Im missing out on anything as a result, the people who mean anything to me i speak to over the phone or face to face.
    I am sick of being looked at like Im some kind of outcast for not being on there, My dad died in January very suddenly and I get so angry that because I was not on facebook I missed updates on decisions about flowers for his funeral and condolance messages. I find these private matters that should not be aired in public, maybe I am weird for not wanting people I dont know to read about my thoughts on what clothes my dead Dad should be buried in, if so then I would rather be weird than normal….

    • First, my condolences – it’s never easy loosing someone, especially a parent.

      I don’t think Facebook was this out of control when my Mom passed away – but I can’t even imagine how upset I would have been, if people were assuming I would be checking for “updates” and “messages” regarding anything at all.

      You have, and had, every right to be upset!

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