Ouch!……Vampire Bites

My attempt at this tutorial.


This Halloween manicure was so easy and fun to do – I was having so much fun with the reactions today while shopping!!



Exactly as the tutorial read (except a variation in polish colors) – I painted my nails in a neutral skin tone.  My choice was Finger Paint’s “Gossamer White”.

And, if I may do a quick review on this particular polish:  it sucked.  3 thick coats and my natural nail was still showing through in places.  Not like a sheer polish where it is supposed to show the nail under a light color of polish, but it was a thick creamy white in some places, and nothing in others.  Anyways… as I was saying…

After painting the base color, I used a tiny detail brush to paint on the drips of blood from my cuticles.  The color I used for this was OPI “InStyle Red”.  On my middle finger, first I used a tiny bit of ripped off makeup sponge – dipped in the red polish and dabbed on a faded circle.  Then I mixed the redCHI “Miss Shops alot”  polish with a drop of black to make the bite marks (with a dotting tool, in the center of the circle I just made with the sponge).

Added a bit of glitter, topped it with Seche Vite – and VOILA!




One thought on “Ouch!……Vampire Bites

  1. I really hope my brushes turn up today, there are so many halloween things I wanna try, including this one.

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