Free Samples for bloggers! from Viva la Nails


Got this in my email this morning:



GRAB Your FREE Product Sample Pack
*** WORTH £12 ***
(3 x Stickers and 3 x Water Decals – Mixed Designs)
& Become a “Viva La Nails” Media Partner!

Click here to order yours NOW



I have placed a couple of small orders with Viva la Nails in the past, and they have pretty good pricing, and a big selection of nice and unique nail art  supplies.  They have daily deals in which they offer coupon codes for stuff like `free shipping`or `15% off“ etc.


These are a few things I have ordered with them (including the free sample pack)

I did order more (netting, foil) – but I am so unorganized and couldn`t find them for the photo.

These are the stickers and water slides I received in my free sample pack.  I have not had a chance to review them all, but they ask that if you order the sample pack, you review the products and link back to them.  Not much to ask, I think 🙂

4 thoughts on “Free Samples for bloggers! from Viva la Nails

  1. Thank you, I shared it on my blog too, I have yet to place order for the sample packs though. BTW 🙂 Found your blog through the comments on nailpolish alcoholic’s blog 🙂

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