Princess Costume for my nails


My nails told me that they wanted to dress up as princess nails this Halloween 🙂

Do you like their costume?



The base is Color Club Holo “Fashion Addict”.  Then flat-back rhinestone and pearl beads as their “crown.



This was my first use if this nail polish – Color Club Holographic “Fashion Addict”.  Here is a mini review 🙂  Very pretty girly color.  Thin consistency, but good coverage (this is 2 coats).  Dries fairly quickly.  These photos were taken without any base or topcoat – so it shows the nice soft brushed look it has after drying.  No bald spots or pulling when applying.


I love it!!


Here are some photos without the jewellery:





2 thoughts on “Princess Costume for my nails

  1. Even without the bling it’s great, but I love the princess look! FYI I added you to my blogroll! Love ALL your manicures! 🙂

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