I’ve been Floam’d, and I Love It! (Floam by Nail Venturous review and photos)


Floam by Nail Venturous and sold by Ninja Polish.  ($9 usd)


I have been holding out on trying this one…the images I have seen online looked so amazing, that I wanted to take the time to do it right and give “Floam” the manicure it deserved 🙂



So, after all that – I messed up.  I am so used to putting glitter or other toppers over a black polish, and I was most definitely wrong on that one!  (images below)


Ick!  Ack!  Eww!

I also made the mistake of not putting on a “for glitter polish” base coat.

Whatever this polish is made of, it must be industrial strength, because I cleaned up the same way I normally do (dipping small brush into acetone and cleaning around the edges) – and I was practically scrubbing the excess polish and glitter pieces, and barely got anywhere.  Except a worn down brush and dry cuticles.

Obviously, I did “Floam” no justice, and had to start over.

This time, I put on a “for glitter polish” base coat… then, instead of black, I used a light mint green polish ( Essence “exists on your right”).

I cleaned the up my cuticles, pre Floam, and was VERY careful spreading the Floam on – then topped it off with a very thick coat of Seche Vite (Floam was very grainy, as expected from any polish that contains glitter etc.)

Now, here is the manicure that Floam deserved 🙂




Despite the issues I had originally had (tech support always say 90% of problems are user error…same with manicures :)) – I do really like the way this polish looks.  The little extra effort to get it on smoothly, and the removal – is completely worth it, in my opinion.


Have a great weekend!


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