OPI Mariah Carey Collection Preview!

From http://misshollyberries.wordpress.com/ blog ! Thanks for the new pictures 🙂


(image from Hellobeautiful.com)

As most of us have already heard, the latest celebrity to partner with OPI for the annual mini collection coming out in January is Mariah Carey.  First it was Katy Perry, then Nicki Minaj, and now Mariah! And I’m not counting the Nicole by OPI collections with Justin Bieber, the Kardashians and Selena Gomez!

It also seems like OPI uses these collections to release a “trendy” type of polish.  With Katy Perry, OPI released for the first time their Shatter nail polish.  Then with Nicki, they released a bar glitter polish as well as another shade of their Shatter polish.  Now this time, they’ve come out with a new type of polish that they’re calling the “Liquid Sand” finish! Basically, its a matte glitter, but it still looks really cool!

(image also from HelloBeautiful.com)

Keep reading for close up shots of the bottles!

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