No Hate! (a re-post by mimimanicures)

A repost from the blog of Minimanicures.  Very well worded!  I have added the badge she created to my blog in support 🙂


In addition to Mimimanicure’s post – I wanted to add….the majority of polish bloggers that I follow on a regular basis, are those who are amateur, and just doing it for fun.  Just like me.   Which is why I continue to post my “attempts”, and hope you just enjoy, not judge (too much at least ;))  If you want to see perfect nails, mine is not the blog for you.

For those bloggers I follow, who are already awesome  manicurists – well… you are the ones I get my inspiration and ideas from 🙂  I promise to always give you credit for the ideas and link back to any post of yours where I have used an image to create my own “interpretation”.

I feel like most of us are of a similar mindset.  We love nail polish, we enjoy trying new nail art techniques, and new nail polish – but nobody is counting on us to be perfect – so it’s just for fun.

(ps -I have my own suspisions, that Photoshop is a part of some of these perfect nail images we see out there….. you’ve seen those photos in the trash magazines of stars without makeup, and before photo editing… 😉 )



No Hate!

Rarely i will take to my little laptop in a rant…i am the kind of person that avoids conflicts, especially on the Internet as people are often very cruel.  I have been so so lucky in i have not experienced any negativity in my postings and have only THE best followers who share my passion for nail polish and art…therefore are not interested in the bitchy side that I’m told exists in this community.

I have seen for myself that this side exists, in a post that was put up basically ridiculing bloggers who post less than ‘perfect’ manicures, with a heading ‘clean up or die’  I have decided not to include the link to this certain blog as i don’t want them to be excited by the numbers it must be drawing in.

I did however just want to put my support out there for the newbie blogger, like me, who maybe might feel intimidated by such ramblings.  Most of our beautiful community just want to unite and share our manicures, whether they be less than perfect or have the most amazing finish… non haters it doesn’t matter, we love seeing every polish…just because! 

So there we have it……paint because you love it……do nail art because you love it….clean up OR DON’T i really don’t care, i love seeing what you all create no matter what… i am putting this badge up as a sign of solidarity to my fellow sisterhood polish friends….i friggin loves you all!


8 thoughts on “No Hate! (a re-post by mimimanicures)

  1. nailmon says:

    Well said everyone, just remember …
    “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain.. and most fools do.”
    – Dale Carnegie

  2. I understand their “joke”. However, starting a group for it is a bit over the top. I understand wanting to show your best abilities. The problem with that is not everyone can paint their nails perfectly. Even with all the research I’ve done I still can’t swatch a beautiful mani like some others. I’ve accepted that and that’s why we, both Ashtree and I, state we are normal girls that sometimes sleep in their makeup and love nail polish!! I just want to try to do cool things to my nails and get feedback!!! I plan to ignore those that feel the need to make a clique to feel better than others!

  3. blimbo2005 says:

    thank you for this. i am new at nail art and am not perfect with the things I try also I do not always have the time to clean around the edges of my nail designs before I post photos. This gives me the courage to keep bloggin cause i enjoy it.

    • The fun is in the trying, isn’t it? That’s why I post pretty much everything I try – successful or not. We’re supposed to be enjoying ourselves and sharing the experience and the shared passion for polish 🙂 Not judge over perfection.

  4. Im glad you reposted and Ive left a comment over on Blogger, it may have meant to be a joke but stuff like that I don’t find funny. Some of the crap on the original blog has made me not want to post my nails of the week now..

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