Glitter again?? Yes!!! Nfu Oh GS07 Swatches

This might not be quite as striking as the GS14 (Black with holo sparkles) – and I am not in love.  But, it is really nice, and I may cheat on GS14  for a quickie mani with GS07 every one and a while 🙂

What do you think?

I started with a red and green base (wow, Christmas themes already!!?)

Then 2 coats of the GS07 (such catchy names Nfu Oh names their polishes).

Same wonderful application.  I only did 2 applications, as 3 would have been completely opaque (which would be fine for some mani’s).  Same “pain in the you know what” removal, but a special glue base***  removal is a breeze, but the mani doesn’t last past a shower.  The tin foil and acetone method works extremely well, but is murder on your nails and cuticles.

***(put regular glue into an emplty polish bottle, and polish it on like you normally would – but before a glitter polish.  It will just peel off)

Then, I went fancy (ha ha) with a french tip manicure using GS07 as the base and GS14 for the tips.

I love glitter 🙂

ps For anyone better at Photoshop….what is going on with my watermarks??  These may not be the most amazing photos, but I see they are being passed around on Pineterest, so I would like to add this watermark…..but as you can see, whatever WordPress does to compress the photos, is screwing up the logo.  Any suggestions?

Edited to add – seems that the watermark looks just fine when published.  Strange.


8 thoughts on “Glitter again?? Yes!!! Nfu Oh GS07 Swatches

  1. I really like the french tip glitter mani. super cute!

  2. NICE! Do you also have the golden one from this collection (GS 10)? I’m lokking for a nice golden polish and that one really caught my eye.

    Your watermark is great! 😉

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