Quo by Orly Glitter Polishes

This might be polishes that are only available in Canada @ Shoppers Drug Mart, but I’m not sure… They are pretty fabulous, and I have had a lot of searches looking for these on my blog.  So… as, I happen to have a few from the collection, I thought I would post some swatches 🙂


An Affair To Remember, Throw the Confetti, Pink Champagne and Cheers To You

Quo by Orly, An Affair to Remember

Quo by Orly, Throw the Confetti

Quo by Orly, Pink Champagne

Quo by Orly, Cheers to You

I think there might be one more, in a red sparkle style – but, it was out of stock… 😦

My favourite?  Without a doubt, Cheers to You!  I love the gold holographic glitter and flicks – it is spectacular when worn over black!

Have a great day!!

(ps – probably my posts will be farther between for a week or two until my nails start growing back in.  I totally dried them out and ruined them while trying to remove the yellow and blue stains.  So, out came the clippers and off went the nails… 😦  I am trying not to cry!!!)






5 thoughts on “Quo by Orly Glitter Polishes

  1. feeraa says:

    Want!!! So annoyed they’re not available here.

  2. Oooo!!! I love the pink one as well!!! And the gold! The gold is nice with the hex’s and the bars!!! Wantttt!!! 🙂

  3. Pink Champagne looks gorgeous.

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