Revlon Brilliant Strength swatches

Just a few photos from the archives I forgot I had 🙂


220 Provoke, 030 Intrigue, 120 Tantalize, 110 Hypnotize, 090 Captivate

At the moment, I think that Revlon’s Brilliant Strength line, is probably my favorite quality of “drug store” brand polishes.  In fact, compared to some of my other polishes that are twice the price, the colors, quality and formula of this line is pretty darn good if not better.

The polish goes on opaque in just one coat (making it great as a stamping polish) – two coats just makes the color a little more fantastic 🙂

I wish they had a few other styles of polish (glitters, flakes, shimmers) but what they do have in regular colors is really nice.  In fact, Tantalize (which actually is one of the few shimmery polishes in the line) is my absolute fav – and I bought a second to have, just in case it gets discontinued 🙂

Captivate, Hypnotize,  Tantalize, Intrigue, Provoke.

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