Holo with Glitter? I’m in love!

With my stubby little nails still growing to a decent length, I thought I would dig into my mani photo archives and post this lost gem 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t make note of the colors I used.  Basically, I used a blue holographic base color, then taped a “V” shape and painted on the glitter polish.  After adding the topcoat, I stuck on a couple of colored gems, and voila!!

I like this one, quite a bit actually.  Wonder why I never posted it?  Oh well!!  Enjoy your Sunday!!

2 thoughts on “Holo with Glitter? I’m in love!

  1. kimmiebee says:

    I love this. How is the nail growing going? I broke my nail the other day now it looks odd.

    • Thank You!
      Nail growing is depressingly slow. Especially when I keep seeing such amazing nail art I want to try, but it wouldn’t work on short nails 🙂 oh well! patience, right?

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