Day 4 – Growing my nails with Essie!

Well, I am beginning to think that Essie Grow Faster, was a waste of $10.  My nails are finally growing (yay!) but both hands seems to be growing at the same rate.  Or maybe “27% longer” is way, way, way smaller than I thought it would be 😉


Here’s day 4!!

One more day to go for Essie to do it’s magic!  🙂




And just for comparisons sake….. day 1 vs day 4



(Original Post Below)

After do a little bit of research – I came to the conclusion, that Essie “Grow Faster” was going to be my treatment of choice while growing my nails back.

Essie claims, on the box “5 day growth treatment – up to 27% longer nails in 5 days”

I have no idea how to determine whether my nails have grown 27% more, or what – but I will know if they grow more….if I use Essie Grow Faster on one hand, and nothing on the other.

So that is what I will do – and I will take pictures and let you know how it goes!

4 thoughts on “Day 4 – Growing my nails with Essie!

  1. maribsb83 says:

    Good to know!! Thanks for posting!

  2. Nail Luxxe says:

    Thank you for testing this out. Always wanted to know if these things work. Will be staying tuned for the developments and your final verdict

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