Day 5 Last Day- Growing my nails with Essie!

Nobody was hoping this would work, more than I was…but I must now, finally admit – I wasted $10.



Now, I am not saying anything bad about the quality of Essie in general, or even Essie “Grow Faster” – my nails are most definitely in better shape after faithfully applying Grow Faster for 5 days.  Just not longer.

I’m not even sure that I actually thought it would work, right from the start.  Because logically…the growing of the nail, happens before it starts appearing on our nail bed (I think) – so, applying product to grow your nails…while pretty much impossible… would have to happen before the nail grows out from under the cuticle area.

Another thing I heard (true or not?  I don’t don’t know for sure)…is that your dominant hand, will usually have the quicker nail growth.
Well, anyways….it was an interesting experiment.  Thank you for all of your encouragement this past week (I was sure I would get some comments about how gross my yellow nails are….but, nope!)

Here are my final pictures (please pardon the blurry photos…some little sticky fingers were touching the lens before I realized, and after the photos were taken)






10 thoughts on “Day 5 Last Day- Growing my nails with Essie!

  1. Thats not mean to sound as bad as it looks, I mean they both look great but I like the oiled ones better. Hope I didnt offend.

    • Oh goodness – no offense at all 🙂 I agree completely. In fact, I think I heard that an at home remedy for keeping your nails and cuticles looking good – is olive oil 🙂 So, I think I am actually going to keep that part of this experiment going 🙂

  2. I think your olive oiled nails look better and healthier than the Essie ones.

  3. Wow your cuticles look so healthy and moisturized. I think this experiment has done your nails real good 😀

  4. I noticed the same thing, about the stains. Mine are stained too. Haha! It’s a sign of polish addiction!!

  5. The Olive oil worked well on removing those stains!

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