Orly Rock Solid

Ohhhh….my first post with my slowly growing nails.

I could have added a bit more glitter pieces, if my nails were at their full length – but aside from that, I don`t think they turned out too bad 😉


The nail polish is Orly Rock Solid ( 3 coats as it was a little thin)  Rock Solid is a steel gray with a holographic glitter dust suspended.  Pretty….but not spectacular.   And that, is why I added my own glitter!!  (have I mentioned I LOVE GLITTER) The glitter I used was Martha Stewart, but there are ton of quality glitters available…at a much lower price!






Hope that everyone is enjoying their black friday!!

I know I am, and black friday isn`t even a big deal here in Canada!

Gotta love online shopping 🙂


3 thoughts on “Orly Rock Solid

  1. blimbo2005 says:

    omg, I love glitter too. This design is so cut

  2. Love this! The glitters you’ve used are AMAZING! 😀

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