December Advent Calendar Nail Challenge…

This challenge, in my opinion – will be extra challenging 🙂  Which is why, I have no idea what I have decided to get myself into!  I have a 5 year old’s birthday party to arrange, my own 39th birthday to deal with (I thought 29 was bad!!), my husbands birthday AND Christmas!!

I have never done a nail challenge before, and had been looking into a few floating around the beauty blogs  – and came across this one on Nailpolishgalore.

It is a slight variation to some others I have seen out there, and I can already imagine what I would do for some of these daily challenges….so….this is it!

Would anyone else like to join me?

Pleeeease?????  🙂

13 thoughts on “December Advent Calendar Nail Challenge…

  1. FoxyLoose says:

    I think that its really cool that you guys are doing this challenge! I’m still very very new to blogging, so I will sit this one out, but I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

  2. […] late) that there is an awesome Advent Calendar Challenge starting at the beginning of December. Mommy Loves Nail Polish and Nail Polish Galore among other blogs are also participating. I’ve been wanting to start a […]

  3. This looks extra challenging, but I think I might just give it a try! I’ve been wanting to do a challenge, this will get me into the Christmas spirit 🙂 Yay!!!

  4. eklinman says:

    I’m going to watch and be really excited for what you guys decide to do for “ugly sweater”

  5. Laura says:

    I am doing this!
    I don’t know how I’m going to manage it though!

  6. […] December Advent Calendar Nail Challenge…. […]

  7. Oh my! That’s so great. Can’t let you do that al by yourself, can I? So, I’m in! 😀

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