Color Club Scented Ho Ho Holly – Reveiw and Photos

My posts seems to be coming in twos!  I rarely have a chance to get nice manicures done these days, with a pre-toddler on the run…crawl…walk (a little of all of those).  So, when I do – I take a ton of photos (of my nails…. well, and the kid too :)).  But then, I don`t have a chance to edit them and upload them to post them .

What I have figured out is, my little one naps for just long enough that I can crop and add a watermark to about 8 or 9 photos, as long as they are already uploaded from my camera to my laptop.  And I have already drafted posts  – so I can just add the photos and posts.  And that ends up being 2 posts at a time it seems 🙂

Ack!  I can hear her waking up!!!  This posts wasn`t pre drafted, so here come some photos without any description  – sorry!  Quick comment about the polish.  It has great application.  The color is fantastic and brilliant.  The smell is kind  of nice – but weird that my fingers smell.





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