Day 5 – Advent Calendar Nail Challenge

Today, we are doing a Blue theme!

I think we are being eased into this challenge with a few simple themes, before we get hit with the “Inspired by…..” and “Something Cozy”.  R’uh R’oh!!

There is a bag I have been using as a diaper bag, and I just love the colors and pattern – so, that’s the look I was going for when I did this mani.  Most certainly not my favorite work….and definitely won’t be the one I recreate at the end of this challenge 🙂







10 thoughts on “Day 5 – Advent Calendar Nail Challenge

  1. am1ec says:

    omgosh that’s beautiful.

  2. Such a cool design!! I love it

  3. I really can not understand that you’re not so satisfied about this mani. I think it looks great! So, don’t be so hard on yourself (says the girl who is not easily satisfied about her work)

  4. craftynail says:

    Very nice! What did you use to make the biggest dots?

  5. feeraa says:

    I think these are much nicer than you think they are, the colours are gorgeous.

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