Day 7 – Advent Calendar Nail Challenge

I’m posting these pictures quickly, then looking away from the computer until tomorrows challenge!  These are so embarrassing!  I am so bad at drawing actual things on my nails….but these are the ornaments that came to mind, and this is what I stuck with.  Feel free to giggle…a lot 🙂

This challenge was ORNAMENTS:




IMG_3385Ha ha!  My thumb looks abnormally huge in this photo!!  🙂


Hopefully the next challenge goes better for me, than this one did!  Starry Night is coming up tomorrow.



5 thoughts on “Day 7 – Advent Calendar Nail Challenge

  1. […] Really wish I had started them too!, Ah well there’s always next year. I especially love her Day 7 – Ornaments theme where she painted wee snowmen on her nails. For some reason she didn’t seem happy with […]

  2. blimbo2005 says:

    the snowmen turned out really great free hand

  3. You ladies are very sweet! I know you are lying your behinds off – but so sweet for trying to make me feel good about this mani 🙂 Thanks you!!! (seriously – WordPress nail polish bloggers are THE best!!)

  4. feeraa says:

    I think you’re being hard on yourself, your snowmen are really cute!

  5. How cute can snowmen be? This cute! They make me smile 🙂

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