Day 10 = Advent Calendar Nail Challenge

Day 10’s challenge is LIGHTS

I really wanted to think of something interesting and unique….but alas, with a holiday theme in mind, all I could think of was a string of Christmas lights.  And I figured, there are probably going to be others who are doing the string of lights, and they are probably going to do a much better job than I ever would.

So….while I really promise to try and be serious and do some real nail art for the rest of the challenge….this is what I came up with for LIGHTS:

(yes, you can laugh – I’m laughing while I post this :))  (they are supposed to be flashlights in case they are to weird looking to figure out :))







Tomorrow Day 11’s theme is GIFTS



4 thoughts on “Day 10 = Advent Calendar Nail Challenge

  1. blimbo2005 says:

    very original idea. they turned out great

  2. I think this is a genius idea! I immediately saw that they are flashlights. How awesome! 😀 I never could have come up with that.

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