Day 12 – Advent Calendar Nail Challenge

Day 12???  Seriously?  Wow…this is going by quickly….which means Christmas is coming quickly!!  Ahhh!

Today’s challenge was FAMILY.  The way I decided to represent my version of “family” on my nails, was with each nail dedicated to a member of my immediate family.  And what reminds me of them (and what was easier to draw 🙂 🙂 )

I used a combination of various colored nail polishes, and water color paints.

Thumb = Our Dog Maya  – Dog Prints

Pointer = 10 Month Old Daughter – Hello Kitty

Middle = Hubby – M & M’s (it would have been the Montreal Canadiens hockey team, but I couldn’t draw their team logo 😦 )

Ring finger = 5 year old son – Lego (lego, lego, lego, lego  it’s all about LEGO!!!)

Pinky = Me – Glitter!!  (have I ever mentioned…I LOVE GLITTER!!!)








And tomorrows challenge is SNOW

Have an awesome day everyone!!!



13 thoughts on “Day 12 – Advent Calendar Nail Challenge

  1. Amanda (Mae) says:

    what a fun way to represent them, loved this mani 😀

  2. This is so cute! We’re halfway with the challenge 🙂 It’s been really fun so far!

  3. This one is so adorable! Love to see how you mentioned your whole family

  4. This is too cool! I love this idea! And that bow on Hello Kitty is adorable 😀

  5. blimbo2005 says:

    super cute. love that you did something different for each one. and you honesty that you did what was easier to draw. I have not artistic skills at all 😦

  6. feeraa says:

    These are so cool, I love how you’ve really thought about all the members of your family. x

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