Day 18 – Advent Calendar Nail Challenge


This theme is so wide open to interpretation, I’m very excited to see what everyone comes up with!

My “Something Classic” is simply a bright red manicure.  In terms of manicures, french or red are classics 🙂

But of course, I just wouldn’t feel right about one of MY manicures…if I didn’t add some glitter ! 🙂  Because, you know….I LOVE GLITTER!!!  (and also a few studs to cover up a smudge on my thumb nail…heh heh)






Now, I have to go searching through my husbands closet to get inspiration for tomorrows challenge.

Ugly Sweater

(just joking my honey bunny!! 😉 you have great taste in clothes)



8 thoughts on “Day 18 – Advent Calendar Nail Challenge

  1. blimbo2005 says:

    i like that you used something to cover up a smudge, I didn’t even think to do that if i made a boo boo instead of redoing the whole nail Keep up the great work and inspiration

  2. Love this! Here I can really see that your nails have grown 😀

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