Swatches – Nicole by Opi, Sephora by Opi and Lush Lacquer

Lots and lots of pictures in this post!

First….I am soooo excited that my local shopping center opened a Sephora store!!  I have never been into one of their actual stores – just the website.  So, needless to say…Sephora gift cards are now top of my list for Santa to get me for Christmas 🙂

Sephora is certainly not an inexpensive store, so while I wanted to buy tons of nail polish and nail paraphernalia – I resisted and just purchased one polish…for now 🙂

Sephora by Opi  “S-age is Just a Number”   A unique gold/green/rust duo (three-o) tone polish, and is perfectly opaque in two coats.



And I ventured to polish my right hand in another Opi (Nicole by Opi “You’re S-Teal The One”) that I planned on photographing as well.  But, the precise reason why I rarely show my right hand in posts…is because I am really bad polishing with my left – and this is no exception… sorry 🙂  it’s a very pretty color though!


There is a slight purple duo tone thing happening with this polish, but it’s very hard to capture in photos.  Trust me, it’s amazing in person!  Mind you, I did need 4 (FOUR!!) coats to get the actual blue you see in the bottle.




And last, but not least – a glitter top coat by Lush Lacquer called Tree-mendous.

A clear polish with mainly small green glitter, and a mixture of a slightly larger gold/yellow/pink/blue/purple/red/orange hex glitter and yellow stars.  As with any polish with chunkier multi size glitter, the best application was to dab it on and then smooth out and add a thick top coat.  Lots of all of the glitter goodies each dip of the brush 🙂

These photos are with Tree-mendous polished over Sephora by Opi “S-age is just a number”



That’s all!!  Have a fantastic day! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Swatches – Nicole by Opi, Sephora by Opi and Lush Lacquer

  1. […] Swatches – Nicole by Opi, Sephora by Opi and Lush Lacquer ( […]

  2. Sarsha says:

    That blue is so pretty! Too bad it needs so many coats, that’s a total deal-breaker for me.

    • I agree 🙂 I am way too impatient to wait for four coats to dry! And as good as Seche Vite is – it doesn’t even work that well on that many layers.

      Also, I mentioned below to Polish Alcoholic that I didn’t think it would stain …. it did. I have blue stained nails on my right hand 😦

  3. YAY! Sephora over there! That’s awesome (a little less awesome for your wallet though 😉 )! I LOVE Sephora. I adore “You’re Steal The One”! Does it stain?

    That Lush Lacquer is perfect for the Holidays!

    Oh… and my cuticle oil/fol bath did work! My fingertips got a bit wrinkly, but it worked!
    But as always and with everything, the fun doesn’t last very long. My mistake though, can’t resist doing some swatches (up to come) 😛

    Thanks to all the swatching AND the challenge I need a refill for my Seche Vite and nail polish remover. Oh well.. it’s so much fun, right?! 😉

    • Yay Sephora!! 🙂 Boo for my credit card 😦 LOL I hope Santa brings me some Sephora giftcards!

      The blue polish doesn’t stain, that I am aware of. Ever since the previous blue staining incident, I am very aware of putting a good base coat on before a bright color 🙂

      I will have to try cuticle oil bath – we are naughty to our nails and cuticles this month 😦 I wasn’t planning on swatching either, but I couldn’t help it!!

  4. beachgal says:

    I don’t get to go to a Sephora but maybe 1 time a yr so it’s like a kid in a candy store for me. I have to set a price limit before I go in and make sure I stick with it. It’s fun to get samples, sniff, touch and play. But I always try to think do I really need this? Will I toss out something and use this instead? Kind of need to force myself into mind games to get through the experience. I just went to my first Ulta store a week ago and was really let down. The store was a mess – product all over, displays naked in tons of areas, nothing priced – had to ask the price of anything I was interested in. Hate that…I ended up putting a few things in my basket but when I found out the prices I only walked out with 1 item – you guessed it – a polish!

    • Tell me about it!! I hate having to ask the price of something, it’s so embarrassing. It’s nice to have an actual store to get touchy feely with the product, but at least visiting an online store – you can add and remove as many things to your basket as you want without worrying about getting to the cash and not knowing the prices. Unless you get to “checkout” and shipping is ridiculously expensive – but at least then you can just close the “window” 🙂

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