Day20 – Advent Calendar Nail Challenge

Lots of  sweet treats to choose from for today’s challenge!  Sweets & Candy

But, most of my fantastic ideas were to difficult for me 🙂  So, I went with Chocolate and Sprinkles.





And….the sprinkles were picked off within ten minutes of taking these pictures 🙂  I suppose they aren’t very practical!  Yummy looking though, I think 🙂

Let’s see, tomorrows challenge is…..oh no….Water Marble.   The only theme I was truly not looking forward too…. eeek!



19 thoughts on “Day20 – Advent Calendar Nail Challenge

  1. caroline1t says:

    Those are awesome!!! It’s weird but you definitely want to take a bite out of them…..

  2. Danette says:

    They remind me of those waffle cones that are dipped in chocolate then dipped in sprinkles. Yum!

    I tagged you in the Christmas Tag! I hope you keep the fun going :):

  3. They look jummy indeed! P.s. I nominated you for the very Inspiring Blogger Award.

  4. luchessa says:

    *biting the screen* lol
    Sweetie, you have been tagged with the Christmas tag. Stop by and keep the fun rolling 😉

  5. This is fantastic. I still like the hot chocolate nails, though!

  6. Jammie! This looks delicious!

  7. feeraa says:

    Those look so yummy they’re making me hungry..!

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