Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber and Modern Family…..? I thought I was writing a nail polish blog??!

Wow, everyone is getting in on the nail polish branding collaborations  – aren’t they?  Mariah Carey has been the big new lately, I assume because her “collaboration” includes that new “sand polish”…and I’ve seen Justin Beiber’s polishes in the drug store (dude? seriously?)….BUT Selena Gomez and Modern Family?  Huh?

But, damn if I didn’t find these fantastic polishes in their respective collections and added a little bit more cash in their big fat wallets 🙂

Anyways….:)  All of these polishes are Nicole by Opi.

Selena Gomez “Sweet Dreams”

Modern Family “Haley Good Lookin'”

Justin Beiber “Baby” Blue”


“Baby” Blue was just used as a base color, but I felt the need to put the Justin and Selena polishes in the same manicure 🙂 LOL  The other base colors were Wet n Wild Black Creme,  Zoya Purity and then one nail with no polish base – just the glitter as full coverage.














So, the Selena Gomez “Sweet Dreams” has a mixture small and medium  glitter in silver dark blue, light blue, silver and and some colors I can’t quite figure out.

I prefer seeing it over a color (it really does look nice over the blue Justin Beiber, even though I really did the two colors together jokingly :)).  But, it has enough glitter to do full coverage without a base color – it takes 2-3 coats.


















In this photo, you can see my thumb is polished with only the glitter, no base color.  This is 3 coats, plus a layer of Seche topcoat.

















The next few photos are of the Modern Family “Haley Good Lookin'” glitter polish.

The only way I can describe the color is, a pinkish/dark peachy 🙂  All of the glitter is the same color.  The largest glitter pieces (which are a medium hex) have a hint of holographic shine, and the rest of the glitter are tiny hex pieces in the same color without the holographic shine.



IMG_3627This photo shows 2 coats over black (first 2 fingers), white (ring finger) and 3 coats on my pinky without a base color.  Application is smooth and glitter goes on evenly, but it takes a few coats to build up the glitter, if you like the bling! (like I do!)


Final thoughts on these polishes….as much as I think the idea of Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber and Modern Family having nail polish collections is ridiculous ….these two polishes – especially for a glitter fan like myself – are a great addition to add to my own collection.    Have a fantastic weekend!  And Happy Holidays!!


4 thoughts on “Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber and Modern Family…..? I thought I was writing a nail polish blog??!

  1. luchessa says:

    Muhahaha this titel made me laugh 😛
    I like black & glitter combination.

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