Day 23 – Advent Calendar Nail Challenge


The only thing I have to say about this manicure is about the baby blue base color I used….it’s a “Cynthia Rowley New York” polish that I picked up at “Winner’s”.   In my opinion….it is the absolute worst formula I have in my collection, and would suggest that if you ever come across this polish – steer clear…waste. of. money.  There was no name on the bottle, but an engraved number 53 on the bottle bottom.

As you can see in the photo – it looks extremely sporadically grainy.  That look, is with only one coat of the actual polish, and THREE coats of Seche Vite.



17 thoughts on “Day 23 – Advent Calendar Nail Challenge

  1. […] forgiven the makers of that Cynthia Rowley nail polish duo – the grainy baby blue (from my reindeer mani) was horrible – but this second polish from the pair totally makes up for it!  A clear […]

  2. I can see why your disappointed by the formula of this polish. Especially when it’s not supposed to be gritty. Lovely color though! And your Rudolph is adorable 🙂 Such a cutie!
    Ps.: I love to give you a Blog of the Year 2012 award:

  3. maribsb83 says:

    Rudolph looks amazing, but I agree with your polish critique. It almost looks like the new “sand effect” polishes that are currently on the market. Might’ve made more sense if it was just grainy and not frosty and grainy at the same time… Great job though!!! 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂
      Yup, that polish just did not work – whatever they were trying to achieve with the finish….and if this is what the new sand polish effect will be like…not for me 🙂

  4. Sarsha says:

    Wow, that pretty shocking! Such a pity, I really dig that color.
    Your Rudolf still looks great over the bumps though 😀

  5. craftynail says:

    I never heard of cynthia rowley before either. But my sis just gave me a neon three pack for xmas!

    • Are yours ok? Is it possible your sister got yours at a Winners or Marshalls? I can’t seem to find anywhere at all that sells Cynthia Rowley polish – except for Winners (Canada) and Marshalls (U.S.)? ….Strange….. 🙂

      • craftynail says:

        She got it at marshalls! I just tried one coat of each over a ridge filler base coat and the formula is great! looks like it will be fully opaque in two coats. (some of my china glaze neons take 4 coats! )

        • 🙂 I guess they weren’t selling at whatever upscale boutiques they were being sold at originally, and ended up at Marshall’s / Winner’s ! Rich people probably don’t ever do their OWN nails !! duh!! lol

          That’s great yours are a good quality – I imagine mine just went wrong when they added glitter that was too chunky. oh well – enjoy!!

  6. luchessa says:

    Woooozaaaa tell me more about this brand, never heard of it before. Looks like a cool polish! 😀

    • I really have never seen this polish anywhere here (Canada) – it’s been branded by Cynthia Rowley, who is a designer – so maybe it’s only in boutiques. I wonder if it’s supposed to be sandy, like the new OPI/Mariah Carey sand polishes coming out. Hmmm?

      • luchessa says:

        Omg im so excited to find out…Lately i’ve been hooked on ANNY, Butter London and OPI like a lill polish maniac…but if i can learn about new brands, its even cooler. 😀

  7. beachgal says:

    Yeap…too lumpy/grainy for me. Nice color but needs a nice finish to go with it.

    • It is beautiful in the bottle! Very pretty blue with holographic glitter, but then once it was on my nails….it looked like…that. Ick They dropped the ball when it comes to finish, for sure!

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