French Canadian Manicure

🙂  A little lop sided  😉   Just Joking!

I had no idea what to call this.

First, I polished my entire nail with Glitter Gal’s “Green 3D Holo” (green?) and applied those smiley looking stickers (to help make the tips even) for french manicures….but I curved them so they were sort of diagonally across my nail.

Then, the tips were polishes with Orly’s “Sweet Peacock”.

And, polished the entire nail over again with the Glitter Gal Holo.






Subtle, but I’m pleased with it 🙂  But then again, I am please with anything holographic on my nails!

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “French Canadian Manicure

  1. eklinman says:

    so shiny…awesome looking!

  2. What do YOU think I think about this mani?
    Yep, I LOVE IT!

    I’ve noticed you’ve been busy trying out different lay outs for your blog. Have to say: I really like this one 🙂

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