Seche Collage Overlay & Nfu Oh JS16 Swatches/Review

First order of business here…I ORDERED MYSELF 2 LAYLA BUBBLY EFFECT POLISHES!!!! Yay!

My favorite Canadian online polish shop Nail Polish Canada has just (as of yesterday I think) started carrying a selection of the bubbly effect line.  And, I happened to have another giftcard from santa – so, FINALLY I am getting these polishes I have been waiting months for!  I promise to swatch/review and post as soon as they arrive!

Onto the reason for this post….apparently, Seche has polishes….I was aware of their topcoats, basecoats, treatments…..but, when I saw this polish by Seche – my first thought was “ohhh pretty….sparkles” second thought was..”$7.99?  not bad – must have” 🙂

So here we go!


IMG_3674IMG_3676I don’t know what my thing with the “Bieb’s” is these days…but I really like his blue “Baby Blue” from Nicole by Opi.  And that is what Seche’s “Collage Overlay” is layered over.

Chunky glitter is always hard to work with, and because of the thick nature of Seche’s formula – it made a bit of a lumpy mess.  It’s worth the work though – and I think if I were a bit more patient, it could have looked cleaner.

IMG_3678After seeing the results if the Bieber/Seche combo – I decided it needed more.  So, I made a jelly sandwich!  (I really can’t type that without feeling silly 🙂 )

The pale blue Nfu Oh JS 16, topped it off perfectly.

I don’t have a lot to say about Nfu Oh, because they can do no wrong in my eyes 🙂   Their blue jelly polish is as good as any of the their other polishes I have tried.  Smooth application, no streaking.

IMG_3677It isn’t the cleanest mani I have done, but you can see what the results could have been – had I been a bit more patient 😉


Hope you enjoyed 🙂  Have a great Thursday!

Don’t forget to visit Nail Polish Canada!  They have a lot of great polishes, and ship internationally.

8 thoughts on “Seche Collage Overlay & Nfu Oh JS16 Swatches/Review

    • Pape says:

      I’ve heard that the formula has alawys been like this but not on all of them. The flakes are awesome and I have had no problems with the one holo I have. Who knows! The colors are worth the work, well sort of!

  1. You always have the cutest nails!

  2. iriel says:

    I’m not a huge fan of jelly sandwich, but this one is lovely!

    By the way, I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award because I think your blog is awesome! Check it out here:

  3. beachgal says:

    Oooh! This really looks pretty in a sandwich! I picked this up mid Nov. at Sally’s. I had seen middle of last yr, that Seche came out with a line of color polishes…most I had seen were pretty standard shades and I never saw anywhere that carried them for me to look at in person. So when this one showed up at Sally’s I got excited that maybe the entire line would be coming…but this one was all that ever showed up and does not have any listed – just the topper, base.

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