Creations By Bailey – Great Glitter (a polish created by my 5 years old son)

Ok, so the “line” of polish only consists of one polish.  It is truly a “one of a kind”…hey, maybe it will be worth something someday if he ever becomes famous?!  LOL

My son, Bailey asked if he could make a polish for me.  Out came the glitters, mica’s, mixing balls, tiny scoop, tiny funnel and an empty bottle of Seche.

He choose the mica color Black Star Blue for the base – which turned out to be a matte black.  As for the glitters we added – I can’t even count the amount he choose.  Some tiny pink and turquoise holo glitter – matte green, pink and white glitter squares, small black hex glitter and I asked him to add some silver holographic powder/dust.  (at least all of these, if not more 🙂 )

And it actually didn’t turn out too bad.  He named it “Great Glitter” by “Creations by Bailey” 🙂

(by the way – I did all of the hands on stuff, he just supervised and told me what to do.  Just in case anyone thought I was letting him do this on his own)






Hope this made you smile 🙂  and have yourselves a great Sunday!

14 thoughts on “Creations By Bailey – Great Glitter (a polish created by my 5 years old son)

  1. daPerley says:

    Can I adopt your son?? This polish looks sooo good 😀

  2. Well Done Bailey! I love that colour! oh, I’ve nominated you for another sunshine award 🙂

  3. I really like this as well!

  4. Not bad! Very creative!

  5. And a brand new indie polish maker is born! I really like how this turned out 😀

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