Quo by Orly – Turquoise Moonlight Review/Swatches

Oh, how I wish I could figure out the settings on my camera so I could show the true beauty of this polish!!!  🙂

Obviously, it is a turquoise, but it also shifts to gold – and catches the light (sunlight and indoors) like no polish (aside from a holo) I’ve seen.  With one coat, it can be used as a topcoat, as it is quite sheer – but in the photos, I have 3 coats, and it seems fully opaque to me 🙂

The only issue I have with this polish is, the color of the polish comes from glitter….teensy weensy little glitter that spreads all over your fingers when removing it.  A small complaint, and a little scrubbing will remove it after a few washes.

This polish was purchased for $7.99 ($10 when not on sale 😉 ) at Shoppers Drug Mart (in Canada)



That’s my boxer Maya, in the background 🙂




















Thanks for checking out my blog!

I really appreciate the love you guys are giving me – I have so much fun blogging, and reading everyone elses blogs.  Can’t wait to see what’s to come in the new year!!






16 thoughts on “Quo by Orly – Turquoise Moonlight Review/Swatches

  1. craftynail says:

    Orly is my fave brand! Im swatching one tonite if I have enough energy after the gym! Don’t you love the rubber bottle top?

    • OMG Yes! So easy when the polish dries a bit around the edge! LOL Of all the things to love about a polish – we love the top 🙂 Of course they have amazing polishes as well!!!

  2. This is gorgeous! 😀

    And… hello Maya :p

  3. Oh dear, looks I’ve got to make another polish purchase! It’s soooo gorgeous!

  4. hannah says:

    So pretty!!!! Love the color 🙂

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