Orly – Total Eclipse of The Heart

Kismet….no other explanation for it!  I have never seen this particular Orly in any store I have ever visited.  Color Blast “Total Eclipse of The Heart” .  It was being discontinued, and I got it (full 15ml bottle!) for $2.75 ($2.70USD)

The pictures are the best part, so I will continue on with those.  (and also…I can’t find any information anywhere about this polish!)

This a multichrome polish, so in each photo I have tried to capture a different color it shifts into.




Hmph!  I am looking at these photos on my computer screen, and you can barely tell there is any change at all.  Bummer.  I wish I could figure out a setting on my camera where I can get more details.  Macro mode is great, but it seems to flatten the colors in the image.

Has anyone else had success photographing true colors of  polish (mainly glitter, holographic and duo/multi chromes).   Do you have any pointers for me?


Have a nifty day everyone!  😉

11 thoughts on “Orly – Total Eclipse of The Heart

  1. jacqui583 says:

    Greetings from a fellow Canuck. So glad I found your Cdn blog the other day. I too am a sucker for duo/multichrome. Sally Hansen has a new line of them on their website called “Lustre Shine” but they haven’t shown up in my local Shoppers yet. The clerk is hoping for February.

    I have seen some really great pics online. I bought a couple of duochromes online from a Brazilian company called “Up Colors” based on the pics swatched by a Brazilian blogger. It seems to me that part of her success with the pics is because she has each finger angled slightly off from the previous finger. I don’t know if you can pick up any ideas on how she got such good pics but here is the link (delete this post if you don’t allow links; I am not affiliated with the blog whatsoever, just pointing out some gorgeous shots of duochrome swatches – especially the last ones) http://www.esmaltesdakelly.com/2012/02/up-colors-multicores-colecao.html

    • And hello to you too my fellow Canuck! That link had some amazing swatches! Wow! You’re right, that last polish showed the mutli/duo chrome features of the polish best. I wonder if it’s best under natural (sunlight) or artificial….there’s just so much glare, when I do get the rare day of sunlight in our yucky Canadian winters 😉

  2. 9 to 5 Nails says:

    This has to be said.. Turn around, bright eyes, every now and then I fall apart! And I need you now tonight. And I need you more than ever.. And if you only hold me tight, we’ll be holding on forever!

  3. craftynail says:

    The painting is the easy part. The photography is the hard part, right? LOL. Usually i have good luck in natural light. But alot of times I paint my nails at nite!
    1-I take some pics with AUTO.
    2-Then i take some with SCENE option using ‘available light’ or ‘indoor’ which usually has no flash.
    3-Then I go to my GUIDE setting and take some using ‘set specific lighting’ and I’ll pick ‘indoor flourescent, or ‘outside sunny” or whatever my specific lighting condition is.
    I figure between those three settings.. some of the pics will come out good!

    • Good tips, thanks! I have played around those settings on my camera, trying to find THE perfect setting – but it didn’t cross my mind to use all of those settings for one mani “photo session” 😉 using one setting at a time. Hmmmm…I will try that with my next interesting polish 🙂

  4. Love!!! This is gorgeous!
    As for the photo’s I’d say: take a whole bunch and pick the best 😉

  5. shortandsweetintexas says:

    Some polishes just do not want to be photographed! I always take loads of pictures and I just pick the most accurate looking one (not the greatest method, but it works for me!)

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