The One With The Announcement….

*any “F•R•I•E•N•D•S”  fans get that one? 🙂 *


Hello, hello to our favorite ladies!! 

Nail Polish Enthusiasts Unite!!

Louise of Mommy Loves Nail Polish, and Sabrina of Polish Alcoholic – have joined forces and put together a fun “pre-spring” event!

It all begins with a 14 day (Pre) Spring Themed Challenge starting

January 21st 2013.


The challenge is open to any and every nail polish enthusiast out there!

Whether your blog is dedicated to nail polish, or if it’s dedicated to books – feel free to join the fun!

Each day you decide to participate, you can submit a picture of your masterpiece mani to an Inlinkz Image Collection (daily links will be provided on separate Spring Challenge & Raffle blog page).

All of the challenge information, and links to upload your manicures will be available on one reference page.  You can go submit an image, or just view everyone elses works of art!  And of course, feel free to share the link around!

At the end of the challenge, everyone who has participated will have a chance to win some awesome prize packs!  A Rafflecopter Giveaway will be setup at the beginning of the challenge, and participants can visit that link once a day, having up to 6 opportunities to gain additional entries.

This information will also be available on the reference page.

-One winner for North/South America and One Winner for Europe.

– Prizes are new and unused.
– Winners will be notified via e-mail.
– Winners have 48 hours to respond. When winner(s) doesn’t respond, a new winner will be chosen.


Prize Pack One

This prize pack includes:
– Ciaté cupcake queen (hot pink cream)
– China Glaze Get carried away (Cirque du Soleil collection)
– Ciaté oil slick (gold chrome/metallic)
– 3 nail art wheels (rhinestones, microbeads)
– 4 sheets waterdecals
– Ciaté apples and custard (pastel green)
– WIC by Herôme Molly (bronze/brown base/multi colored glitter)



Prize Pack 2

This prize pack includes:

  • 5 rolls of nail striping tape
  • 1 set of five dotting tools
  • 1 set of twelve various colored acrylic nail paint tubes
  • 1 brush on peach cuticle oil
  • Nail Polishes:


17 thoughts on “The One With The Announcement….

  1. Chris says:

    this is my first challenge, can we still submit manis after the challenge ends?

    • Usually, most who do the challenge will normally try to keep up with the 1 mani per day pace, and do a “Day 1 Challenge Blog Post” “Day 2….” etc.

      The only difference with this one is, we are also hoping you will submit pictures of your mani’s to the Inlinkz collections – so participants can view each others nail art.

      Do your best to keep up, and submit the images whenever you can. The collection links will be open for viewing (and submitting) for a while once the challenge ends..

      Regardless of how you decide to pace yourself in the challenge – the raffle entries must be submitted by Feb 4th. That is a separate link though, and you can visit the rafflecopter link daily to enter for the prize at the end. Which will be on Feb 5th.

      All of the links you will need, are located here:

      It’s all for fun – so, don’t stress if you miss a day here or there. Just, enjoy!

  2. […] and created a 14 day Pre-Spring Challenge/Giveaway! Full details of the challenge can be found here or here but here is the list of each day’s […]

  3. stephappelt says:

    Wow! So fun!!!
    Not only do I love the challenge idea, but I would love love love some striping tape of my own! As well as any reason to get extra polishes 😛

  4. What a great innitiative! I will join one of the days! Sadly I don’t paint my nails each day, but only once a week.

  5. daPerley says:

    Need to put my alarm early, the link page seems to be 14 hours ahead of me 🙂 (Or just put my links the night before)

  6. 9 to 5 Nails says:

    I feel so proud that I got the friends reference!

  7. 9 to 5 Nails says:

    I feel so proud that I got the friends reference!

  8. craftynail says:

    Yay! This sounds fun. I’ve never done a challenge before… if day one is jan 21st… does that mean that day two is jan 22nd? Or are there lapses in between submissions?

    • 14 days, all in a row 🙂 Jan 21 – Feb 3.
      But, because we will have individual links (coming in a little while) to submit/show off each theme – you can probably get away with missing a day, or going back and catching up.

  9. shortandsweetintexas says:

    I would love to do this!

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