Day 6 Pre Spring Challenge SUN

As usual, what was in my brain did not translate to what ended up on my finger nails 😉  LOL  Oh well!  The whole idea behind this “SUN” themed mani, was the sun rising behind the horizon.





7 thoughts on “Day 6 Pre Spring Challenge SUN

  1. It’s so clean! I love it, but then again I am -like you- a sucker for everyting holo 😀

    Oh.. have you filed your precious nails down a tiny bit or is that just me?

    • Filed them down a TINY bit?!?! Oh! SOB SOB I guess all of the acetone poisoning my precious nails was too much for them – and 2 of them broke right down at skin level. Yuck! I have to wait for a few days of growth before I start taking pictures again for all of those indies that still need swatching….

  2. Very cute, the colours work so well together !

  3. feeraa says:

    This is gorgeous, what polishes did you use?

    • Oh – thanks:) I really didn’t expect any comments on this mani at all – it’s so blah. But, ya – the polishes were a couple of my favorites 🙂
      The gold – Milani 3D Holographic
      The blue – Nfu Oh Holographic 65

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