Mommy’s gone M.I.A.! (and a photo editing question)

Hey Everyone!

Hope you guys are all having fun with the challenge!  It’s so much fun to see how everyone is interpreting each theme – it shows how creative yet different we all can be.  Who says nail art, isn’t real art!!!  It certainly is!  🙂

I have been so busy in my real life (opposed to my blog life ;)) that it’s been hard keeping up with my own submissions to the challenge.  Sorry 😦

Question for any amateur or professional photo enthusiasts reading this:  I have been using the trial version of Photoshop Elements 11 for editing (also Photoshop CS6 – but I don’t need all of that) – now, I am at the point I have to buy it or find another editing software.

Is there any OTHER software that is comparable with it’s features, but not as friggin’ expensive? 🙂

Any and all suggestions are welcome!  Thanks!!

Keep up the great job with the challenge my fellow polish freaks!!(as always “freaks” is said lovingly)  I promise I will catch up!


11 thoughts on “Mommy’s gone M.I.A.! (and a photo editing question)

  1. Amanda (Mae) says:

    I do not use that one so I don’t know its comprability, but I use There are simple, and advanced features, that is what I use for my blog, I can edit out any blemishes etc on my cuticles, and brighten the pic to make it more like it looks in person (I try not to do too much) and add my water mark with it. All done over the net, you can then save right over top the original on to your desktop. 😀

  2. I also downloaded PS Elements. hihi I actually edit my pictures with Iphoto on my Ipad.

    • I really liked Elements – but after the trial period, I don’t want to pay $100 to buy it. Pardon my cheapness 😉

      I’m trying Corel Paintshop Pro at the moment. I forgot about Corel – I guess it’s a bit of an under dog compared to Photoshop – but I’m finding it does everything I want it to do, that PS Elements did – and less then half the price when the trial ends.

      • You can also download ifranview for free if you only want to crop and resize. Also the Gimp is a free editor and works fine.

      • I love Corel Paint Shop Pro (formerly from JASC) and have been using it for both photo editing and signature tag design for many years. not free, but definitely not as expensive as PhotoShop and has tons of functionality. 🙂

        • Corel is taking a little getting used to – but I like it. It has everything I had when I was using Photoshop (I was a photoshop user when I worked in a marketing dept as well) – but, I’m finding it frustrating to figure out exactly how certain little things are done (eg how to make text look likes it’s on a wavy line). But I would happily move to Corel – it has a great reputation – just not as widely used in the industry I suppose.

          • I had similar issues trying to use Photoshop Elements, or even Paint Shop Pro X4 after last having used v9 of PSP years ago. As far as text on a wavy line, the line needs to be created as a vector layer (if memory serves) then you can add text to it. Let me know if I can offer any help, would love to have another reason to play around in the program! 🙂

          • Ok, I think we may need to take this conversation to email 🙂 I just tried to add text on a vector layer – and I can’t figure out the difference. In photoshop, there was a setting where you could just highlight the text, and select the style of line you wanted. Ack.

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