Day 10 Pre Spring Challenge ICE CREEAAAAAM!

Ask my deep freezer (if deep freezers could talk) if I like ice cream, and it would probably puke out a couple of tubs of it and then say yes 🙂

Hubby and I have a special treat, that I call home made ice cream….but it’s only home made in the sense that I put together two already made ingredients and mix.

But it is so super duper delicious!  I take softened chocolate ice cream and mix in globs of peanut butter, and freeze overnight.  Yummmm!  That’s what I tried to recreate on my nails today 🙂





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6 thoughts on “Day 10 Pre Spring Challenge ICE CREEAAAAAM!

  1. Laura Emily Butlin says:

    I love this! If it was done in green would be great for a military look! xo

  2. I like this- it also looks like camouflage.

  3. blimbo2005 says:

    looks just like a waffle cone. great job

  4. This looks JUMMIE… now I need to go to get some chocolate ice cream and peanut butter. So, gotta go 🙂

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